Patients can call the facility’s main line and talk to medical providers who will help determine how severe their symptoms are.

By Ashlee Green

North Side Christian Health Center (NSCHC) is now operating a ‘coronavirus response line’ out of their main location in Historic Deutschtown.

NSCHC is encouraging Northsiders to call their facility’s main line with questions related to coronavirus. Medical providers at NSCHC can help discern if  your symptoms are specific to coronavirus and if they are serious enough to require emergency room care. 

To call the response line, dial 412-321-4001, then press the star key.

Starting today, NSCHC has access to limited coronavirus tests. Tests will be offered to patients on a case-by-case basis and will be administered outside of the clinic with patients remaining in their cars. A tent may be set up in the future for people without access to a vehicle. 

NSCHC accepts all patients regardless of insurance and ability to pay.

In this exclusive video for The Northside Chronicle, NSCHC Medical Director Dr. Matthew Yu and Executive Director Cindy Loughman explain the difference between mild and severe symptoms as well as how they’re keeping their staff and patients safe.

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