Photo by Abbey Reighard
Malek, who is in fourth grade, danced down the runway during the 4th Annual Newspaper Fashion Show held by the Allegheny Center Alliance Church Children’s Ministries kid’s summer program.

By Abbey Reighard

Adoring fans and photographers showed up to watch models show off their latest fashions – which consisted entirely of old newspapers.

The Allegheny Center Alliance Church Children’s Ministries kid’s summer program put on its 4th Annual Newspaper Fashion Show. The models, who created each of their very own distinctive works on their own, ranged in age from first to sixth grade.

The inspiration for each of the costumes included princesses, ninjas, knights, guards from the Ancient Roman era, fashionistas, basketball players, pilgrims, transformers, wizards and more.

Sean Meyercheck, ACAC outreach assistant, called out the names of each of the models while music played and colored lights flashed across the room. The audience was packed with family and friends who snapped pictures of the models as they strutted, skipped and ran down the temporary runway.

Krista Mueller, ACAC Children’s Ministries outreach director, said the kids spent about three days on their costumes.

“I hope [the audience] had as much fun watching the show as we did making the costumes,” Mueller said.

Preston Johnson, father of two models in the show, Corrin and Conrad, said he enjoyed hearing about his kids’ ideas for their costumes.

“They had a fun time picking what they wanted to make,” Johnson said. “They get to express their individuality.”

Amour, sixth grade, said she was really excited about the show because it’s experience for what she want to be when she’s older.

“I want to be a model when I grow up,” Amour said.

Donna Allison, the investment officer at the Northside Community Development Fund, donated stacks of The Northside Chronicle to be used for the newspaper fashion show.

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