Newsletters from your elected officials


We index the five most recent newsletters from each elected official.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, try searching for it by using the search bar at the top of this page.

From the Office of Council President Darlene Harris

-May 2011: Legislation would better city living conditions

-January 2011: Let it snow!

-December 2010: Give thanks and celebrate the holidays

-October 2010: Working together in our neighborhoods

-September 2010: What puts the "care" in Animal Care and Control

From the Office of Councilman Daniel Lavelle

-April 2011: Reaching a common ground for the Commons

-January 2011: 2010 in review

-November 2010: Western North Avenue, a case study of council at work

-October 2010: Pittsburgh’s pension problem

From the Office of State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl

-May 2011: Budget cuts cause concern

-September 2010: Constituent services available for 20th District residents

From the Office of State Rep. Chelsa Wagner

-June 2011: Farmers market season is here

-April 2011: Port Authority reform bill introduced

-January 2011: Turn, seal, save this winter

-December 2010: Columbus Square moving forward

-November 2010: Heating help available

-October 2010: Homeless children need our help

From the Office of State Rep. Jake Wheatley

-June 2011: Working for you on Northside and in Harrisburg

-November 2010: Anti-blight bill advances

From the Office of State Sen. Jim Ferlo

-June 2011: Electric supplier shopping powers choice

-May 2011: Seek "Extra Help" with Medicare expenses

-December 2010: Heating assistance available through LIHEAP

-November 2010: Bill would stop gas drilling to allow more time to look at options

From the Office of State Sen. Wayne Fontana

-June 2011: Tax loophole unfair to small businesses

-May 2011: Budget priorities

-April 2011: Transfer fees

-February 2011: Homelessness in children on the rise

-January 2011: Team Pittsburgh recognized for hard work

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