New spin studio opens on California Avenue in Brighton Heights


Above: California Cycle Path has 16 stationary bicycles. (photo by William Park)

by William Park

A new spin studio on California Avenue is giving Brighton Heights residents a reason to get up early.

California Cycle Path Indoor Cycling Studio is now open at 3635 California Ave., and offers stationary bicycle exercise classes, an activity commonly known as spinning.

Brighton Heights residents and spin instructors John Bratton and Larry Crouser opened California Cycle Path this summer

Bratton and Crouser live a block away from the studio and are motivated to give back to the community.

“We live here in the Northside, and so we wanted to reinvest in our neighborhood,” said Crouser.

Their goal, he said, is to create a health network that engages people of all levels in the community.

Crouser and Bratton have lost 70 pounds and 50 pounds respectively after four years of spinning.

They hope, that if classes are popular, to be able to add afternoon classes and possibly expand to a bigger space.

“We’re a studio set up just for spinning. We have the lighting that goes with the music. The music will help you keep your cadence and help you keep motivated,” he added.

On weekdays, California Cycle Path offers two morning classes at 5 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. as well as an evening class at 6 p.m.

In class, a Spin-certified instructor will guide riders through the workout. The studio is equipped with 16 high-tech bicycles, a surround sound system and colored lights that light up the wall to the beat of the music.

During class, riders will also follow a virtual ride projection on a screen. As they pedal, they will pass through virtual locations such as mountains in Ireland.

Riders can also insert a USB drive into the bikes, which will transfer their biking data so users can track their progress on their home computers.

Although some might find the class times too early, Crouser explains that the health benefits are worth it.

“It definitely increases your metabolism…. We do early morning because if you can get on that regiment – to get up and do that every morning – you’re going to keep doing that,” said Crouser.

While new riders may not have the stamina to keep up with their experienced instructors, they do not necessarily have to.

“A spin is your class… You put into it what you want,” said Crouser, noting that the bike’s resistance is adjustable.

Riders can sign up for classes at where they can purchase single classes or a packages. One class costs $15, five classes $55, 10 classes $100 and 20 classes $180.

The first class is offered for free as well as the 7 a.m. introductory class every Saturday.

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