The National Aviary will be honoring their newest members with a plethora of events this month.

The National Aviary will be introducing six new events to celebrate the inclusions of three new species. The Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, White-faced Scops Owl and Barred Owl will all be making their National Aviary debuts this month in addition to the return of the Snowy Owl and Burrowing Owl exhibits.

“[It is] Great we can help wild animals, who can no longer help themselves,” said curator of behavioral management, Cathy Schlott.

Schlott explained that a number of these birds at what they call “ambassador animals,” animals that may not have been able to survive on their own in their respective habits but are offered a new chance at the Aviary.

With the arrival of the new species the Aviary will be hosting daily “Owl Talks” where visitors can learn the distinct features of each species and their respective habits and habitats.

Ornithologist Bob Mulvihill will be leading three off-site, nighttime “Owl Prowls” where participants can venture through local parks and look for owls in their native ecosystems. Mulvihill described owls as having “immediately recognizable” features since they are the only species of bird with forward-facing eyes and their unique hooting calls make them enjoyable to spot and listen for.

Each tour will start with a viewing of one of the National Aviary’s very own “owl ambassadors” before enthusiasts venture outdoors with Mulvihill for a chance to see and photograph the nocturnal predators in their natural states. National Aviary director, Cheryl Tracy described the tours as a “very hands-on” program for participants. The first off-site “Owl Prowl” will be held at Latodami Nature Center in North Park on Oct. 18 at 7 p.m.

In addition to the new outdoor expeditions, the Aviary will be hosting an “Owl Brunch,” an “Owl-o-Ween” and private owl encounters for visitors to enjoy.  The owl exhibits will run through October 1 through the spring of 2018. For more information on upcoming events visit the National Aviary’s event page or call at 412-323-7235.

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