New congregation comes to Brighton Road


Above: Destiny of Faith has found a home in Brighton Heights and is preparing for Easter. (Photo by Kelsey Shea)

The former Brighton-McClure Presbyterian Church building on Brighton Road has new residents.

 It is now home to the non-denominational congregation Destiny of Faith—destiny being the operative word for Pastor Brenda Gregg.

After the citywide search for a new house of worship, Destiny of Faith is grateful to be welcomed by the Brighton Heights community, Rev. Gregg said. The former Brighton-McClure Presbyterian building on Brighton Road was sold and reopened as Destiny of Faith earlier this year and Rev. Gregg commented that she was grateful for the additional space.

“I feel as though God has led me back home,” said Rev. Gregg, who previously served as a pastor with African Methodist Episcopal for 18 years.

Rev. Gregg, who also served as presiding elder for African Methodist in a district that included cities in both Pennsylvania and Ohio, has now settled into the Northside with a “totally new congregation” in Brighton Heights.

The congregation, which also offers social services under the moniker Project Destiny, was established in early 2011, but will host official installation services at the location on Brighton Road on April 15 of this year. There will be “pre-installation services” earlier that week, added Rev. Gregg, and traditional Good Friday and Easter services at the beginning of the month.

Rev. Gregg hopes that Destiny of Faith will be able to minister to community members of all ages, describing her congregation as a “family church” and young community members as “quite important to our ministry.”

In addition to Northside residents, the new congregation has attracted parishioners from as far away as Penn Hills and Aliquippa.

First and foremost, Rev. Gregg hopes, Destiny of Faith will become a community staple. She proudly describes the church’s calendar of events for the past week, which included a senior luncheon, a youth dance ministry and a Saturday wedding.

“We have two more [weddings] in September and one in October,” she said. 

Destiny of Faith also hopes to be available to members of the community in times of hardship, according to Rev. Gregg. One of the first services at the church’s current location was, unfortunately, a funeral. 

“When the call came through,” said Rev. Gregg, “We knew it was the kind of ministry we wanted to do, the kind of ministry we should do.”

She viewed the service, which celebrated the life of a young man from Brighton Heights, as an opportunity for Destiny of Faith to become a “part of the community.”

“We’re quite grateful to the Brighton Heights community that has welcomed us,” Rev. Gregg said, “We look forward to working with and being a servant to the community.”

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