New cameras improve public safety in Brightwood


Soon there will be two more eyes watching over the streets of Brightwood.

After the success of two street security cameras installed in 2009, Brightwood’s Woodland Avenue will receive two more this month funded by City Council President Darlene Harris’ office.

“I thought it was an important project for all my neighborhoods,” said Harris. “Brightwood has had so much success with the first set of cameras.”

The current cameras led police to two suspects charged in the murder of retired Northside firefighter Mark Barry, who was killed while walking his dog in 2010.

Diane Annis-Dixon, Brightwood Civic Group president, said the cameras also helped police solve two burglaries in the area.

The cameras as well as a local block watch and housing projects are part of Brightwood Civic Groups Woodland Avenue revitalization project. Annis-Dixon said that the Woodland Avenue corridor has struggled since the closing of Horace Mann Elementary School in 2005, when many residents cleared out of the neighborhood.

The objective of the Woodland Avenue revitalization project is to get homeowners in and to improve public safety. She believes the cameras are a great tool to make that happen.

“The houses came secondary to the public safety project,” said Annis-Dixon who called the cameras a “huge asset.”

Each camera will cost about $5,500 and will be tapped into the the IP addresses of local police.

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