New art in Federal Street underpass


underpass-esterle300Northsiders walking to work or Pirates games through the Federal Street underpass may notice something different in the makeshift art gallery.

In mid-May the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, who rehabbed the underpass into a ‘gateway gallery’ last year, installed “3three***,” a colorful piece of art by Dick Esterle.

Esterle’s work is a series of vibrant, swirling shapes that “bring movement and color into an otherwise gray environment,” he said.

He considered the varied ways in which people will move through the space, whether close up to at a distance, on foot or by car or bicycle. Walking or driving by at different distances will alter the viewer’s experience of the piece.

“3three***” replaced the first installation, “Blue Skies,” by Kim Beck which lit up the underpass with blue skies from a sunny Northside day.

The first installation, “Blue Skies” by artist Kim Beck, used a large scale photograph to light up the underpass with a slice of a blue sky from a sunny day on the North Side.

The Children’s Museum curates the Underpass Gallery , which was made possible with grants from the Heinz Endowments and the Grable Foundation, NRG Energy Company, Norfolk Southern Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Photo courtesy The Children’s Museum.

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