Mr. Rogers bundles up


Left: Mr. Rogers in his brand new cardigan. (Photo courtesy Meredith Younger)

It’s a bit warm for sweaters, but last weekend the Mr. Rogers statue along the North Shore suited up in new red cardigan, courtesy of a brand new cultural magazine called Outpost Journal.

Outpost Journal is biannual cultural magazine that focuses on obscure art from a different city in each issue. Each city that Outpost Journal focuses on will additionally receive a piece of installation art, like a giant cardigan.

Outpost’s inaugural issue focuses exclusively on Pittsburgh and will come out in the fall.

“Everyone loves Mr. Rogers. We had to do something about him when we came to PGH. And the statue was just calling out for a cardigan to make him look a little more neighborly,” said Outpost Publisher Manya Rubinstein.

The issue will also feature the Northside’s very own City of Asylum, which Rubinstein called an “amazing organization.”

“Pittsburgh is an incredible city, especially in regards to its arts ecology. [It’s] home to major cultural institutions like the Warhol Museum and the Mattress Factory (among others),” said Rubenstein.

The sweater was placed on the commemorative statue of Fred Rogers, near Heinz Field, on Saturday July 16. 

The giant red cardigan was crocheted by local crafter Alicia Kachmar, who wrote on her blog that she was “pretty much born” to make a larger-than-life sweater for Mr. Rogers.

As for the hot weather, poor Fred will just have to cope.

“Someone should probably bring him some iced tea,” said Rubinstein.

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