Meeting on Northside public schools tomorrow


Do you have concerns about Northside public schools?

Join the Northside Leadership Conference tomorrow, Saturday, July 20 at 11 a.m. at Bistro To Go Annex for a meeting with Pittsburgh Public School Board members.

The NSLC education committee believes this is an important opportunity to raise awareness about Northside’s active interest and organizing on education issues, particularly with four new Board members taking office next January.

The Education Committee meets every month and works towards improved educational opportunities for all families in the Northside.

The committees focus issues to resolve with board members now include :

·King school as a teacher academy. What has been the result?

·Perry High: What is being done to strengthen that school which has suffered poor test scores and high drop-out rate?

·Morrow-Rooney is expanding to a K-8 school. This expansion for Rooney MUST occur for 2013-14 but no information or marketing is being done.

·Northview Heights families need access to Pre-K programs, transportation is not provided. What is being done to ensure access?

·Manchester Elementary MUST remain open: what is the status and long term plan?

Upcoming meetings will take place the second Tuesday of the month the conference’s location; Four Allegheny Center in the mezzanine.  Check for times on NSLC’s website and for details.

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