Mattress Factory announce new rooftop exhibit


Photo courtesy of Mattress Factory

A rendering of the new “Acupuncture” exhibit that will be completed and debut this June.

By Neil Strebig

The Mattress Factory announced plans for a new rooftop exhibit, to open in June.

“Acupuncture,” will make its debut during the 19th annual Urban Garden Party.

“The Mattress Factory has long been one of the Pittsburgh’s leading, cutting-edge cultural institutions and this installation will make that even clearer throughout our city,” Mayor Bill Peduto said in a statement.

Mayor Peduto went on to “applaud” both the Mattress Factory and German artist Hans Peter Kuḣn, who has worked with the museum on multiple projects since 1986. Most recently Kuḣn worked on the 2001 exhibit, “Scanner,” a site-specific sound installation, according to the museum.

Kuḣn worked closely with two local businesses, Bunting Graphics and Centimark, to bring the latest public exhibit to life. An array of lights will create an optical illusion that makes it seem that the light is actually tearing through the building, utilizing LED lights or as Kuḣn puts it, “light sticks pierce” through the building’s rooftop. The exhibit will be visible from Mt. Washington and Downtown.

The public attraction has also been chosen by the Buhl Foundation’s One Northside project as a pillar example of the community’s recent excellence in the art community and the progressive changes taking place on the Northside.

“[Acupuncture] is a wonderful symbol for progress in both the Northside and Pittsburgh,” Buhl Foundation President Frederick W. Theiman said.

For more information visit the official website.

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