Manchester hosts a haunted house tour


The Route 65 and Interstate 279 interchange is hardly a historic part of Pittsburgh, but what previously stood at 1129 Ridge Avenue is another story.

The Northside was once home to what was considered to be the most haunted house in America. Manchester is believed to have housed one mansion that seemed to have cursed the occupants. 

Known as the Congelier Mansion, the since destroyed house’s legend involves a murderous love triangle between Mr. and Mrs. Congelier and their maid, as well as a mad scientist who lived in the house and conducted gruesome human experiments. 

This weekend, The Manchester Historic Society will host a weekend devoted to the chilling ghost tales of the Northside, like the one of the Congelier Mansion.

Don’t expect to be chased down the street by masked men carrying chainsaws during this haunted tour. The tales are all based on ghost stories that have been told and retold by residents of Manchester. 

Mark Tomlinson, a member of the society, says that the tour is based upon “[A] collection of ghost stories that have been recounted over the years that have been collected by the society.”

The walking tour of the neighborhood features seven houses, three of which guests get to enter. Each house has an associated tale that will send chills down the spines of even the least superstitious. 

The Haunted Tales of Manchester Tour is updated yearly and new spooky tales are added each year for returning guests. 

The walking tours given by the Manchester Historic Society last approximately 90 minutes, and tickets can be purchased at any time at the 1300 block of Page Street by the Conroy School. 

Tickets are $9 for Adults and $6 for students. 

Karin Baker is a student at the University of Pitssburgh. She has been a resident of the city of Pittsburgh for four years.

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