Northside Chronicle pairs with Manchester Academic Charter School


The Northside Chronicle has partnered with Manchester Academic Charter School to feature articles from students in grades 6-8.

The latest installment of stories is a continuation of the Northside Voice’s project with Saturday Light Brigade Radio, a series of interviews between MACS students and their notable Northside neighbors.

March print edition: 8th grade
February print edition: 6th grade

The first installment of print and online stories, called "My Holiday Traditions," focused on family memories during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve.

January print edition stories: 8th grade
January online edition stories: 8th grade

December print edition stories: 7th grade
December online edition stories: 7th grade

November print edition stories: 6th grade
November online edition stories: 6th grade

On Jan. 15, Saturday Light Brigade’s radio show hosted select students from Manchester Academic Charter School. Four students read aloud holiday traditions pieces that were featured in The Northside Chronicle, and managing Editor Emily Leone talked about the partnership between the local schools and community newspapers. Noah Fitzpatrick, Jahi Jackson Chayce Mack and Mia Davis also talked about their stories and chatted with SLB’s Larry Berger.

You can find all of the stories by clicking on the links below. Follow along while you listen to the radio broadcast, or just catch up on the stories from previous print editions.

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