Lynn Williams residents participate in student radio project


Photo by Justin Criado

Students and Lynn Williams residents at the premiere of the “Voice of Project Destiny” Tuesday, April 7.

By Justin Criado

Everyone has a story to tell.

Area middle and high school students in the Destiny of Faith Church program, Project Destiny, found that much out through a Saturday Light Brigade (SLB) initiative, which allowed them to interview seniors of Lynn Williams Apartments in Brighton Heights, and release a CD titled “Voices of Project Destiny.”

“It is something to celebrate and it’s going to be around forever,” Chanessa Schuler, SLB multimedia specialist, said. “It’s just an honor to do this.”

Five Lynn Williams residents were interviewed by eight students, sharing their personal stories, which were premiered in their entirety on audio CDs Tuesday, April 7.

Rev. Sharieda Patterson-Douglas organized the event because she enjoys visiting the senior center and wanted to bring together the youth in her church programs with the residents of Lynn Williams.

“What I wanted to do is to connect our youth with some of the history and beauty that I felt was housed here in Lynn Williams, and I was not let down,” Rev. Patterson-Douglas said.

Students shared what they learned from the experience, which can be heard during the “student reflections” track.

Rev. Patterson-Douglas said she loves visiting with the residents at Lynn Williams, and always likes to bring students along so they can participate in an activity like knitting or making pancakes.

“You guys have been a blessing to us, and I hope at-large the children have been a blessing to you,” Rev. Douglas-Patterson said.

Residents Hermila Perez, Myrna Johnson, Barbara Grier, Ronald Mahute and Darrell Barren all participated in the project.

To hear “Voices of Project Destiny” in its entirety visit SLB’s Neighborhood Voices site.

SLB is housed in the Children’s Museum and, broadcasted live from the Allegheny Center attraction. For more information about SLB visit the official website.

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