The National Aviary has installed a ‘Penguin Nest Cam’ in Penguin Point to watch live nesting process of African Penguin eggs.

By: NSC Staff

Penguin Point at the National Aviary is about to add two new members.

According to a press release earlier this week the National Aviary has installed a high-resolution infrared camera (courtesy of a donation from M&P Security Solutions Inc.) inside the nesting cave of ‘Penguin Point’ where two African Penguin eggs will soon be hatched. The first egg was hatched on Sunday, December 17. The second was hatched on Wednesday, December 20.

The parents, Sidney and Bette have already helped nest to three previous sets of eggs in 2012, 2013 and 2015. The pair will take turns incubating the eggs.

Watch the live nesting cam here!

“We are thrilled to give the public this inside view of the arrival of these rare chicks,” said executive director Cheryl Tracy in a press release. “Our penguin nest cam provides outstanding camera clarity, and viewers will be able to see the chicks emerge, grow and be cared for by their parents.”

Shown here the two new African Penguin chicks, the first was born on December 17, 2017. The second egg hatched on December 20. Both chicks will stay with the parents for the first three weeks. Photo courtesy of the National Aviary.

With less than 25,000 currently living in the wild, African Penguins are listed on the endangered species list according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The National Aviary staff will closely monitor the nesting process and following their birth the two penguin chicks will stay with Sidney and Bette for three weeks before National Aviary staff members take them into their care. Once matured the two will rejoin the rest of the colony at Penguin Point.



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