After being drained due to an algae problem, Lake Elizabeth in West Allegheny Commons Park is scheduled to be refilled later this week.

Some of yinz might have noticed Lake Elizabeth has been a little dry lately. Due to a green algae problem the pond was drained and closed for maintenance. The green algae was first reported by Post-Gazette columnist Brian O’Neill last month. The City plans on adding aerators to the lake to help disrupt stagnant water and the potential growth of algae.

In an email correspondence Public Works director Mike Gable confirmed the lake should be getting filled this week.

A barren Lake Elizabeth. Photo by Neil Strebig.

Gable also acknowledged that the Department of Public Works (DPW) intends to purchase aerators; however, they won’t be installed until a discussion with Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) is finalized. The DPW needs to work with the PWSA in order to ensure the electricity needed to operate the the aerators is properly and safely housed away from the public.

The lake is routinely maintained by the DPW Northern Division, who is also responsible for draining and refilling the lake when necessary. Local volunteers have also helped contribute with cleanup around the lake. On Saturday, May 26, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC) led a neighborhood cleanup to remove excess debris around the lake.

“The Northside community is a shining example of what engaged residents can achieve,” said PPC community outreach coordinator Erin Tobin. “They really helped move this project forward and improve a park place that is enjoyed by all.”

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