Linking Past and Future by John Canning


John Canning is the vice-president of the Allegheny City Society, which is dedicated to preserving the history of the Northside prior to its annexation to Pittsburgh. 

John is a life-long resident of the Northside and writes a monthly column about its history and current Northside traditions.  He currently lives in the Central Northside.

-February 2012: Look to see to remember

-December 2011: In praise of the Christmas tree

-November 2011: Barber shops survive the ‘big boxing’ of the Northside

-October 2011: Peaches, Plums and Dandelion Wine

-July 2011: 15214

-June 2011: Neighborhoods as canvases

-June 2011: Allegheny City Society presents Rimmel Award to Stanley Lowe

-May 2011: Parks and fields sources of great memories

-April 2011: Preserving our war memorials

-March 2011: Kit houses, dark green spaces and ‘Hollywood’

-February 2011: The original ‘Snowpocalypse’

-January 2011: Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Allegheny City

-January 2011: From Luddite to cyber addict

-December 2010: Trains, memorabilia part of Christmas tradition

-November 2010: Metropolitan Baptist Church – Serving the Northside for 160 years

-November 2010: Veterans Day 2010 – A day to remember, a time to record

-October 2010: Allegheny Center’s long history of redevelopment

-September 2010: Oldtimers picnic links new, old memories

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