Photo courtesy of Councilman Bobby Wilson

Happy New Year!

I am Bobby Wilson, your new City Councilman for the Northside.

The Northside has made me the father, husband, and neighbor I am today. Without the community of Northsiders who established a safe environment and shaped my character, I would not be writing you today from this position of public trust. As a fifth-generation Northsider raising my three kids on the same street I grew up on, I am excited to work hard as your new Councilman to represent the diverse and incredible communities that make us proud to call Northside home.

There are certain constants to working in local government. Every year, we must fill potholes, pave streets, plow snow, and pick up garbage. But this is not all we can do for you. My office plans to provide essential information to constituents and community groups because I want to empower you to effectively engage with your local government. As your new Councilman, I hope that my office will set a new standard for fixing not just routine issues but the broken systems that are holding our neighborhoods back.

I am humbled by all the voters, friends, and volunteers who have supported my campaign for City Council and brought us across the finish line this year. I am immeasurably grateful for the love and support of my family. I believe from the bottom of my heart that the 17 best neighborhoods in the City are NORTH of the river.

Let’s get to work!

Bobby Wilson

Councilman, District 1

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