Humane Society hosts overpopulation prevention event


By Sabrina Romano

The Western PA Humane Society in Allegheny West observed World Spay Day on Feb. 24th by offering inexpensive spay and neuter surgeries to help stop pet overpopulation in the area. After leaving the registration period open for 24 hours, over 500 pet owners registered their pet for the procedure. In one day, this special stopped 500 puppy litters from being born. The shelter only expected 200 pet owners to participate in the special.

“We’re truly excited about the overwhelming response we have received for this spay and neuter promotion. The impact these surgeries will make on our community is vital to our mission at the Western PA Humane Society. We hope the philanthropic community will continue to support us as we strive to end pet overpopulation in Western Pennsylvania,” Joy Braunstein, the executive director of the Western PA Humane Society, said in a press release.

Andrew Ku, MD and Diane Bandy helped make the spay and neuter special possible. Bandy feels that spay and neuter surgeries are the first step to stopping pet overpopulation.

“Overpopulation is a tragedy all across the nation. People are allowing their pets to breed or purposely breeding them, although shelters and rescues are full of orphaned animals waiting for a home,” Bandy said. There aren’t enough homes for them all! I would like to see major changes in Western Pennsylvania during my lifetime regarding senseless breeding and pet abandonment. The key to preserving lives, preventing unwanted births, preventing abuse and for others to live comfortably is sterilization.”

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