Housing court cases for October 5, 2011


As part of our duty to keep our readers up to date on the latest Northside news, we publish Northside housing court cases as we’re made aware of them. We are unable to provide details on the specific violations at this time. We are also unable to provide details about individual rulings. Dates provided are scheduled court dates for each violation.

Honorable Robert P. Ravenstahl , Jr., 3880 Perrysville Ave. – October 5, 8:45 a.m.

KEVIN AND MARIANNE BRADLEY for violation of code 304.6 at 2810 N CHARLES.MANSOOR KHAN for violation of codes 111.1 and 922.02A at 1020 BUENTE.
LESLIE F. MCCARTNEY for violation of codes 307.1, 302.4, 302.7 and 304.6 at 2727 PERRYSVILLE.CHARLES W AND THOMAS C TIBI for violation of code 115.1 at 3440 FLEMMING.
STUART GULLIVER for violation of codes 307.1, 302.4 and 302.7 at 2805 STAYTON.
WILLIAM HESIDENCE for violation of codes 115.1, 307.1, 108.1.3, 604.3, 105.5 and 116 at 3035 GEYER.
MICHAEL ROSS for violation of code 922.02A at 908 REISS.
WILLIAM SCHMIDT for violation of code 103.5.1 at 3921 PERRYSVILLE.
BRENDA SOLER for violation of codes 307.1, 302.4 and 304.13 at 108 KENNEDY.

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