Hot dog shop opens in Deutschtown


Grandma’s Kitchen is on the second floor of 509 Tripoli St.

by Kelsey Shea

On August 19th, a new hotdog shop called Grandma’s Kitchen quietly opened in the Northside, much to the surprise of some Historic Deutschtown neighbors.

“Someone came in yesterday and said ‘I was so surprised! I woke up, and there was a restaurant across the street,’” said Nikki Loughner, co-owner of Grandma’s Kitchen.

But for Loughner and her co-owners, Grandma’s Kitchen opening was the result of two years of planning, savings and hard work.

Grandma’s is a hotdog shop on the second floor of 509 Tripoli St., across the street from the School House Apartments. The menu features hot dogs, pulled pork, sandwiches, wraps, salads and lunch fare for under $5.

“We wanted to keep the food fresh and fast,” said Loughner. “Our food is never frozen.”

Loughner is a Deutschtown resident and opened the restaurant with her boyfriend Luke Frawley and his mother Debora Lorenze, who works at Allegheny General Hospital.

The space was previously a private social club that was rarely used.

Grandma’s has plenty of room to eat in  in the dining room that’s filled with photos, sports memorabilia and cartoons, but the restaurant offers takeout and delivers to Allegheny General Hospital as well.

“We wanted it to be where you could come in and hang out for a little,” said Loughner. “We wanted it to be open for the community to take advantage of.”

Inside Grandma's Kitchen
Inside Grandma’s Kitchen

 Grandmas Kitchen Hot dog shop opens in Deutschtown

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