The Healing Space: Spring Cleaning


It’s spring cleaning time! It’s time to gather the cleaning products, garbage bags, paint, gardening supplies and anything else needed to give our homes the necessary spruce up to welcome the spring season.

It’s time to dust off, clean out, bag up, dig into and touch up the areas that we have neglected over the winter season. It’s time to get rid of the things we can no longer fit, no longer need or no longer have use for in order to make room for newer and necessary things. Are there other areas of your life that could use a spring cleaning?

As seasons come and go, days and years go by, fads come in and fads go out, we tend to hold onto things that serve absolutely no beneficial purpose in our lives; things that prevent us from giving attention to or obtaining the things that do benefit us.

Things such as keeping the relationships that do not add anything positive to us, but neglecting the ones that are good for us; holding onto emotional baggage that keep us back from pressing forward, but pushing encouraging thoughts about the future out of our minds; constantly reminding ourselves of all the disappointments of all the things that did or didn’t happen in our lives, but forgetting all the times the sun still rose in our lives even after the storms; and beating ourselves up with guilt from what we did or should have done, but failing to acknowledge all of the accomplishments in our lives.

What could you stand to clean off and give attention to or let go and discard this season?

  • What dream or goal did you put away because fear and doubt made you feel that it was impossible? It’s time to pull it back out, dust it off and put some time and attention into it.
  • Where is that storage bin in your life where you are storing old stuff that is rotting and causing discomfort and pain within? Clean it out.
  • What do you have tucked in the back of your mental closet that no longer fits with where you are trying to go? It’s time to remove it, bag it up and get rid of it.
  • What have you wanted to explore or learn more about that may bring enlightenment to your spirit and mind? Dig into the deep and infinite rich soils of knowledge that life has to offer.
  • What area of your life has become so tattered, worn and drab but still has a solid foundation, worth saving? Apply some color, light and shine to it. Give it a touch up.

Spring is a transition from one season of extreme to another. Use this time of balance and extended days of light to do a fair measure of what it is you need and do not need as you progress into the next phase of your life.

Ayeshah Bulls is a freelance writer and the author of Stripped, published in 2008. She is a Northsider, active volunteer and currently attends Carlow University for Psychology. She hopes her column promotes hope and the will to progress on the Northside.

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