Good news for North Shore trail users

Courtesy stock.xchng
Courtesy stock.xchng

There’s good news for North Shore riverfront trail users who need to get to Millvale via bike or foot power: Now you actually can!

As part of Route 28 improvements, PennDOT (on behalf of Friends of the Riverfront) added a half-mile, $2.8 million section of the Three Rivers Heritage trail that connected Millvale with the the city.  It was dedicated today at the Millvale Riverfront Park.  The section starts just past the 31st Street Bridge and runs to Millvale.

You can view a .pdf version of the dedication plaque here, which also lists all of the funding partners.

The trail’s official title is “Route 28/Allegheny River Back Channel Pathway.”  Try saying that 20 times fast while you’re running or biking it!

P.S.: Also of interest to bike commuters and walkers is this article from the Borneo Post about a study that shows that countries with a lot of cyclist have fewer traffic accidents.

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