Garden Theater plans halted


By Neil Strebig

TREK Development Group’s renovation plans for the Garden Theater block have been halted after Judge James ruled in favor of an appellant during a March 24 zoning hearing.

The appellants cited “parking and traffic concerns as well as the impact on views of the community and the size and appearance of the proposed structure” as the reasons behind the appeal.

Andrew Wickesberg , President of the Allegheny City Central Association, issued a formal statement on the ACCA’s official website expressing disappointment in the decision.

Wickesberg stated that ACCA remains “deeply committed” to the project and TREK.

The full decision is available online.

Plans to restore the theater’s signage have not come to fruition. The recent decision is another chapter in the Garden Theater block saga, which includes dropping one developer and seeing a restauranteur retract plans for a high-end eating establishment.

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