Garden Theater Block accepted into historic district


Photo by Kelsey Shea

Last month, The National Parks Service approved an expansion of the Mexican War Streets Historic District that will include the Garden Theater Block.

The inclusion of the Garden Theater Block in the historic district will allow Garden Theater Block Developer Wayne Zukin to take advantage of significant tax credits, but it will also require him to preserve the buildings in specific ways.

“We’re pleased that this block has finally received the recognition that it deserves,” said Developer Wayne Zukin.

Vice President of The Mexican War Streets Society, Dave McMunn said that when the society initially planned the historic expansion in 1972, it included the Garden Theater Block.

At the time, McMunn said the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, which makes the determination on the behalf of the National Park Service, excluded this block because it was disconnected from the rest of the district.  

“I am happy that the issue is being revisited.  Truly, the Northside is one entire historic district and should be treated as such, with all the protections and sensitivities in developing historic property(ies),” said McMunn.

The Garden Theater Block was purchased by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and is currently being renovated by Zukin Realty into multiple restaurants including Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, office space, apartments and stores.

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