From the office of State Sen. Wayne Fontana: Team Pittsburgh recognized for hard work


A few months ago, I wrote about Team Pittsburgh and its service to the community through its dek hockey program and how that program is utilized as a productive venture for youth in the community. The new dek hockey rink is getting a lot more attention too — it was recently named as one of Pittsburgh’s best dek hockey rinks by KDKA.

Their recent renovations also brought Team Pittsburgh to the attention of the Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL Hockey. Team Pittsburgh President Don Gregory was approached a few months ago and asked whether the organization would be interested in holding a youth tournament in conjunction with the Winter Classic. The Round Robin will consist of 12 teams in three different age groups with the first games beginning in the morning.

Now, by the time you read this, the tournament will already be played and the winners crowned, but the organization and its facility will be benefitting from some additional press. HBO will be filming the youth tournament, and the expected Pittsburgh Penguins presence, at the Dec. 27 youth tournament as part of its 24/7 series following players from the Pens and the Washington Capitals leading up to the Jan. 1 game. What a way to showcase a true success story in our community!

This recognition speaks to the investment that was made and the positive outcomes that can come from such an investment. I am proud that I was able to assist Team Pittsburgh in their goal, proud of the work that they do in our community and proud of the youth that have become such an integral part of this program.

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