From the Office of State Rep. Chelsa Wagner: Columbus Square moving forward


A new community is coming to the Northside, with construction on the Columbus Square development in Manchester set to begin early next year. I was happy to support a $250,000 grant from the House Democratic Caucus that will benefit this project by Manchester Citizens Corporation and Fourth River Development.

Columbus Square will include 31 new single-family homes that will complement the historic Manchester neighborhood. With development dollars limited, this is a prime example of the need to invest in areas where our established urban communities will benefit as well. MCC and other community members have worked to preserve Manchester’s history, make the neighborhood safer, and attract new homeowners. This development represents a vindication of these efforts over many years, and a source of momentum for the future.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the new Executive Director of MCC, Ahmed Martin. I look forward to working with Mr. Martin and all community members to continue to advance the interests of Manchester.

While I represent a diverse mix of neighborhoods stretching from the Northside to the South Hills suburbs, serving a neighborhood with the historic significance and community spirit of Manchester is a distinct honor. I encourage Manchester residents to contact my office with any matter of concern at 412-343-2094 or

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