From the office of City Council President Darlene Harris: Remembering inspirational Northsiders


As I often note, the residents of District 1 are our strongest assets.  

It is with heartfelt sadness that I acknowledge the recent passing of two of our finest — Donald Aubrecht, retired assistant chief of police who resided in Brighton Heights and Troy Hill native Pinky McGlothin.
Chief Aubrecht served as the commander of the Northside zone.  

He was one of the founders of the Northside Public Safety Council, which was the first Public Safety Council in the city.  

Chief Aubrecht took his work seriously and did it well, for him it was always more than ‘just a job."

Many of you knew Pinky and we all still benefit from the good works she engaged in as a willing and energetic volunteer.  

Pinky called my office on a daily basis, to share information on Troy Hill issues that needed attention.  

I fondly remember her enthusiasm for Troy Hill activities, especially the Day in the Park, which will celebrated on Sept. 15th this year.   

We will miss the chief’s and Pinky’s contributions to District 1, but can take heart in the shining example they set for us.  

It would be a wonderful tribute to both of them if more Northsiders would participate in your community organizations’ activities.  

The neighborhood groups’ meetings are listed in the Northside Chronicle on page two.

These groups offer many ways for you to begin to engage, including being a voice for your neighborhood and lending a hand on a project.

I am pleased to announce that our Council District 1 website has a new look and we continue to improve upon its collection of district wide resources and links.

Please check it out and send us your feedback:
Feel free to call my office if I can be of assistance.  
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