From the office of City Council President Darlene Harris:Legislation currently in progress


While we began the New Year on a strong positive note, with the news that Pittsburgh’s bond rating would be significantly improved, we also realized there would be challenges as the year progresses.

Presently the Northside is faced with the proposed elimination of bus service to many neighborhoods.  Be assured that I will continue to advocate for District 1’s transit needs throughout this period of economic difficulty the Port Authority is facing.

I encourage – and urge – Northsiders to do their part as well. Please send your comments on proposed cuts to the Port Authority by the comment deadline March 9, 2012.  You can either call in your comments:  412.442.2000 or email them to: 

As spring approaches, we spend more time outdoors renewing our relationships with our neighbors and our neighborhoods.  There is so much to look forward to, including rolling up our sleeves with neighbors during April’s Spring Clean-ups and greeting friends at the Memorial Day commemorations.  I hope that parents will encourage their children to participate in the diverse summer activities happening in all of our Northside neighborhoods.

District 1 is an active, engaging place to live.  Its continued success depends on residents stepping up and participating on the many projects and events throughout the spring and summer.  Please do not hesitate to call my office if I can be of assistance: 412.255.2135.

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