From the office of City Council President Darlene Harris: Here’s to a positive and productive 2012


We have hit the ground running in 2012 and are working hard to make sure the residents of District 1 and the Northside continue to have an advocate for them in City Council. Recently, I went with members of the administration to New York City to work on upgrading Pittsburgh’s bond rating.  Along with the Mayor’s office, we negotiated a strong bond rating that indicates the vitality of our local economy.

As a result, our city will secure savings, achieve stable footing and continue to develop and finish much needed local neighborhood projects.  I believe that Council and the Mayor speaking as one voice about how great Pittsburgh is and how well we are fairing financially through the current economy helped to influence the upgrades.
When we were at their offices, Standards & Poor downgraded the entire country of France and several other European communities.  I think being considered stable to S&P should also be considered a victory. 

I also recently met with the Mayor about prioritizing the projects District 1 neighborhoods would like to see in the Northside.  It was a positive meeting, and I look forward to working with the Mayor’s office to make sure these projects become a reality for both the neighborhoods I represent and the entire city. 
So far this winter has been fairly calm for the residents of Pittsburgh. But with the unpredictable weather that we are all accustomed to snow can occur at anytime.
 If you should have questions or concerns of city activities related to snow removal or other weather related issues please contact my office for assistance. Also the city’s Snow Angels program pairs volunteers with elderly or disabled residents in their neighborhood who they will assist with snow removal after each snow storm for the winter season.  To sign up for the Snow Angels program call:  (412) 255-2280.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, and I look forward to continue to serve you to the best of my ability.

City Council President Darlene M. Harris


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