First Niagara partners with the Northside Leadership Conference


Above: Todd Moules presents a check for $300,000 to NSLC representitives. (Photo by Kelsey Shea).

A commitment made by First Niagara Bank this week will help financially secure the Northside Leadership Conference and its projects for the next six years.

This afternoon, First Niagara presented the NSLC with a check for $50,000 at 431-432 E. Ohio Street at the former location of Ludwig’s Floral. The $50,000 was the first of six annual installments that will help implement the NSLC’s revitalization strategy for Northside neighborhoods.

Ludwig’s Floral building, which is owned by the Historic Deutschtown Development Corp., is one of the key real estate projects that will involve the NSLC as a project manager.

“We’re delighted to partner with the Northside Leadership Conference,” said First Niagara Regional President Todd Moules, who noted that First Niagara is very “choosy” with where they donate their money.

“I think it speaks volumes for the Northside Leadership Conference and the work they’re doing,” he said.

NSLC Board President Gloria Rayman noted that First Niagara has previously been a working partner and is an “excellent example of the private sector partnering with community-based organizations.”

“That commitment of talent is as important as the financial report,” said Rayman.

First Niagara will partner with the NSLC under the Neighborhood Partnership Program, which encourages the collaboration of corporations and community development funds using tax credits as incentives.

The NSLC is also partnered with H.J. Heinz Co., The Pittsburgh Steelers, Huntington Bank and E&O Partners, making First Niagara their fifth corporate partner through the NPP program.

“I’m just excited that another building in my district is getting done,” said City Council President Darlene Harris at today’s event.

The NSLC is a nonprofit coalition of Northiside community organizations that works to enhance the quality of living in the neighborhoods of the Northside.

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