Fineview Stepathon more than just a bunch of stairs



Fineview Stepathon Racers Will Take on City’s Most Grueling Steps for an Unforgettable Finish

The Fineview Citizens Council (FCC) is hosting its 19th annual Stepathon on Oct. 18th, 2014 at 8:30 am. The race begins on Howard Street, close to the historic pumping station. From there, you will be going up, up, up. You will wind your way through the neighborhood, on the roads, on the steps, and even with the help of a little off-roading. Interesting sites along the course include the Henderson-Metz House, one of the best examples of Gothic Revival in Pittsburgh, Heathside Cottage, a classic example of early Victorian design, and Rising Main Way, one of only five sets of city steps with more than 300 treads. This unique course is Pittsburgh’s one and only urban trail race.

Fineview is a small neighborhood nestled on a Northside hilltop, and its high vantage point affords it one of the best views of the beautiful Pittsburgh skyline; the Stepathon will be taking advantage of this striking vista. After the strenuous five-mile run, participants, volunteers, and spectators will celebrate at the Catoma Overlook, which offers an unforgettable backdrop for those finish line photos. Post-race events will include a bluegrass band, a local food truck, and a hot chocolate bar.

The Fineview Stepathon is focused on creating awareness about city steps, and additionally, raises funds to support their preservation.

“The city’s 2014 budget has $200,000 earmarked for maintaining city-owned walls, steps, and fences,” FCC vice president Jessica Slean said.  “Meanwhile, with 712 sets of steps, our city has far more steps than other well-known, hilly cities, such as San Francisco and Cincinnati.

“It is our responsibility as a community to protect and preserve these assets. They are a way of life for those that live on hilltops around the city, and they are a uniquely Pittsburgh asset that will only serve to accelerate the positive attention Pittsburgh is receiving from around the country.”

Registration is $10. You can register for the event by visiting Fineview Fitness Trail on Facebook. 


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