Finevew begins Henderson Street Gateway Project


FCC hopes to improve the entrance to Fineview on Henderson Street. (Photo courtesy Ed Lewis).

Fineview is looking to build off the momentum of the neighboring Federal Street project and improve its curb appeal through a new objective – the Henderson Street Gateway Project.

The Henderson Street Gateway Project is a community-based effort to preserve the Nunnery Hill Inclined Plane retaining wall, improve the entry point into Fineview that borders the Central Northside and create a unified streetscape throughout the neighborhood.

The Finevew Citizens Council secured funding through various grants to begin a comprehensive study to propose improvements to the streetscape of Henderson Street, which has suffered from years of neglect and serves as the entrance to Fineview from the Central Northside.


 “This is an opportunity to leverage the investments on Federal Street and help tenure that kind of momentum for improvements in Fineview,” said Ed Lewis, program manager for Fineveiw.


FCC has chosen Klavon Design Associates as their consultant for the Henderson Street project. Klavon also did consulting work on Downtown’s Market Square as well as the South Side Riverfront Trail.

The FCC raised the $15,000 needed to fund the study through grants from Rivers Casino Fund, The Community Design Center of Pittsburgh, City Council President Darlene Harris’ office and City Councilman Daniel Lavelle’s office.

Fineview Citizens Council was one of three Pittsburgh neighborhoods to receive grants from the Community Design Center of Pittsburgh who contributed $3,000 to the project.

The Northside Leadership Conference redirected $7,500 of the three-year, $3 million grant from Rivers Casino and Harris and Lavelle’s offices contributed a combined $4,500. 

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