Dance company holds four-day traing for “ONE” show


From July 19 to July 24, the Pittsburgh-based dance company, Evolve Productions, is commandeering the New Hazlett Theater in Allegheny Center for their dance intensive program.

The training spans this entire week and culminates with the world premier of their sixth full-length show, “ONE”, being performed on July 23and 24 at 8 p.m.

 “[Evolve Productions] was founded in 2008, but the idea was in my head for about five years before that,” said Sarah Parker, founding director and choreographer of the dance company.

The show, “ONE”, according to Parker, will display diversity in the world of dance and showcase talent from not only around the country but the world.

Some notable talent includes Maria Caruso of Bodiography Contemporary Ballet, Braham Logan Crane of Ash Productions and Adrian Eaton of Jungle Boogie, a dance group featured on the popular MTV show America’s Best Dance Crew.

“ONE” showcases many different styles,” Parker said. “It shows that all of our uniqueness makes one world, uniting the community of dance.”

Parker, a native of Philadelphia, has been living in Pittsburgh for the past 11 years and sees the dance company as a turning point for the art form in Pittsburgh.

“I started the company here to expand the ideas of dance in Pittsburgh, to create a place for dancers and choreographers to share the artistic process together,” Parker said.

The performance is a reflection of the company, and Parker believes that Evolve is well rounded. She also emphasized the importance of young dancers being as versatile as possible.

“The entire show is choreographed and learned in four days,” Parker said.

The company will hold a hoop dancing workshop for the public during Celebration in the Park  in Allegheny Commons this Saturday, July 24, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Evolve has sold out every show they have had and, Parker said, they intend to do the same with “ONE”.

Tickets can be ordered by calling 412-508-1894 or emailing

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