Discuss how to”repurpose and restore” vacant, abandoned religious structures

The Saving Sacred Spaces Summit, hosted by the Young Preservationists Association, will take place from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, March 23 at The Priory Hotel.
The YPA have gathered a panel of local, regional, and national experts to engage and discuss the challenges and potential solutions to a growing issue of vacant or abandoned religious structures in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Per a YPA flyer:

“Pittsburgh, following the national trend, has seen a steady decline in church attendance over the years. Many of our grand religious building that formerly served as important neighborhood landmarks and public gathering spaces have begun to fall into disuse and despair.

The YPA welcomes you to join us for an evening dedicated to finding creative solutions for the growing problem of these abandoned and neglected religious structures. The event will include a panel discussion in partnership with Philadelphia’s Partners for Sacred Places, Johnstown’s The Steeples Project, and other distinguished guests. Our experts will share stories of communities that have created opportunities to repurpose and restore these architectural gems.”

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