Staying safe at the ballot box this fall


As always, I hope you and your family are healthy and well.

The unpredictable nature of this crisis has left many of us anxious and stressed over ‘what comes next.’ As we have seen, the novel coronavirus is not going away. After we successfully flattened the curve earlier this summer, the virus took hold in southern states, eventually returning to ours. As I write this, case numbers are again declining, leaving hope that this second wave is starting to ebb.

However, we simply do not know what lies ahead. And with an election looming in November, I am urging everyone who can to take advantage of voting by mail.

You can now apply at for a mail-in ballot for the fall. If you are considering this (and I strongly urge you to do so), please apply sooner rather than later.

In June, we led the state in the volume of mail-in ballots – more than 280,000 – and I expect that number to increase in the fall. That’s a lot of ballots (and applications) for the county elections folks to process, so applying now can hopefully get you ahead of the eventual bottleneck.

In complete honesty, we don’t know what November will bring in terms of COVID-19. And just like wearing a mask, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So please, avoid the lines, avoid the poll workers, avoid the voting booths, and consider using a mail-in ballot.

It’s safe, secure, simple, and simply a good idea.

Be well,


State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl represents the 20th Legislative District in Allegheny County

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