Rep. Adam Ravenstahl updates Northside residents on legislation he’s introducing in response to COVID-19.

Dear neighbors,

I hope that this letter finds you, your families, your friends, and your neighbors in good health.

I want to thank each and every person who reads this for your sacrifice and hard work. Whether you are an essential worker on the front lines of this crisis, or someone staying at home, your actions are saving lives and helping to slow the spread of this virus. We have seen evidence that the actions we have taken are helping, that the virus’ spread has been slowed, and I am encouraged by discussions about how we will move forward and safely reopen Pennsylvania.

But this crisis has also shown just how fragile many aspects of our society are – from our social safety net programs and healthcare system, to everyday protections for workers. Decades of politically driven agendas have chipped away at our social compact, restricting and defunding social programs and devaluing the very workers we now depend upon. 

This crisis has shown where we must do better. That is why I am introducing legislation to ensure that our essential workers will have access to workers’ compensation if they get sick, am supporting legislation to raise the minimum wage, to help working families with childcare, to invest in urgently needed protective equipment for workers, and to create social distancing best practices for businesses and workers on the front lines of this crisis. 

I believe in the people of our commonwealth. Eventually, this crisis will end, and it will be up to us to decide how to move forward. I hope that we will choose to build a better Pennsylvania: one that will be better prepared for future challenges.

Be well, stay safe,


State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl represents the 20th Legislative District, Allegheny County

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