Rep. Jake Wheatley details House Bill 2050, which would allow for the legal sale of adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania.

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Earlier this year, I introduced legislation that would legalize adult-use cannabis. As we move closer to June, which is typically known as “budget season,” it’s critical that we take action.

House Bill 2050 would allow for the legal sale of adult-use cannabis through a permitting structure for growers, processors, and dispensaries. A portion of the funds from the sale would be used to create grant programs to help minority and women-owned businesses, support student loan forgiveness, and affordable housing. In addition, it would also provide for the expungement of cannabis-related offenses for non-violent offenders.

I’ve talked with many across Pennsylvania about the legalization of adult-use cannabis, and so have Governor Wolf and Lieutenant Governor Fetterman. They’re hearing what I am hearing: consistent support for legalization.

With one bill, we can accomplish so much. We can undo the damage that’s been caused for over four decades by an overzealous criminal justice system intent on criminalizing people for minor drug offenses, as well as create a comprehensive marketplace to legally sell cannabis to adults. We can invest in programs to revitalize and strengthen our neighborhoods.

This move could also provide significant tax revenues to our state – significant funds that could be beneficial as we head into budget season and continue to deal with the financial impacts and effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

I encourage you to read my report on adult-use cannabis, including detailed information on my bill, which can be found at this link.

We have the opportunity to make adult-use cannabis legal here in Pennsylvania and to get it right the first time around.I’d like to hear from you about my plan. Please reach out to me via email at or call The People’s Office at 412-471-7760.

Rep. Jake Wheatley represents Pittsburgh’s 19th District. He’s also the Democratic chairman of the state House Finance Committee.

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