Reportedly on a 24% grade, Rialto Street is one of Pittsburgh’s steepest hills that make up the Dirty Dozen race course.

Story and photos by David S. Rotenstein

Photo: Cyclists rest on Lowrie Street in front of Artist Phil Seth’s “Troy Hill Incline Co.” mural after racing up Rialto Street.

The Dirty Dozen bike race is a unique Pittsburgh event pitting several hundred cyclists against some of the city’s steepest hills. Founded in 1983, the race weaves through about 50 miles and over 13 hills. 

People from all around the metro area lined Rialto Street on Saturday, Oct. 26 to watch the race, ring cowbells, and cheer the cyclists on. 

Melanie Szigethy of Mount Lebanon came to see her 20-year-old son, Xavier. He has been riding in the race for about seven years. “Today I’ll just do three of them [hills],” said Szigethy. “One year we tried to do all of them and it’s impossible.”

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