Schedule for Deutschtown Music Festival


The Deutschtown Music Festival is a free event that began in 2013 with 46 bands.

Today, it had grown to 189 bands performing in multiple venues throughout Historic and East Deutschtown, but also other neighborhoods such as Troy Hill and Spring Garden.

Cody Walters, co-founder for the event, said almost 400 bands entered submissions to perform at this year’s festival.

“The growth has happened very naturally,” Walters said.

Because of the growth, this is the first year the event will span over two days. Ben Soltesz, also a co-founder, said the festival provides a good time for everyone, and that artists and vendors have had nothing but praise in the past.

“It’s much more than a community event, not even Pittsburgh, it’s a regional event,” Walters said.

Last year he met a couple who traveled from Dubois, and he knows a number of people who travel from Washington, Pa. Walters said it’s surprising and humbling how much the event has grown, but also a tribute to Northside culture.

Below is the schedule for Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9 performances. For more information, click here.


PARK STAGE – Allegheny Commons East (Outside – All Ages)
Presented by First National Bank

4pm Rox Academy
5pm The Annajames Band
6pm Chase the Monkey
7pm Pet Clinic

9pm PL>Y

7pm The Chiodi Trio
8pm Dennis Malley
8:30pm Douglas Lowell Blevins
9pm Vit DeBaccco
9:30pm Samantha Sears
10pm Seth Pfannenschmidt

THE PARK HOUSE – 403 E. Ohio
9:30pm Nameless in August

JAMES STREET GASTROPUB – BALLROOM – 422 Foreland St. (the red door on side of building)
Presented by Ziggy Sawdust Productions
5pm – The Buckle Downs
6pm – Melinda
7pm Avi Diamond
8pm MVT
9pm The Telephone Line
10pm Diego
11pm Gypsy & His Band of Ghosts

HUSZAR – 627 E North Ave.
6pm Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band
7pm Swiss Army
8pm Young Fox
9pm Blue Clutch
10pm Charlie Hustle & The Grifters
11pm Patton

6pm Cranberry Sanders
7pm The Rents
8pm Ben Valasek & The Growlers
9pm Slim Forsythe Band
10pm Sun Hound
11pm The Dovewires



PARK STAGE – Allegheny Commons East (Outside – All Ages)
Presented by Pittsburgh Norml

11am Ferdinand The Bull
12pm Metacara
1pm Strange Monsters
2pm Paddy The Wanderer
3pm Old Soles & Seedy Players
4pm Delicious Pastries
5pm Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

WIGLE WHISKEY BARRELHOUSE and WHISKEY GARDEN – 1055 Spring Garden Ave. (Outside – All Ages)
12pm The Fed
1pm As Ladders
2pm The Mixus Brothers
3pm Heather Kropf
4pm Some Kind of Animal
5pm Paul Tabachneck
6pm Brewer’s Row
7pm Morgan Erina
8pm Brooke Annibale
9pm Agnes Wired for Sound

12pm Doors in the Labrynth
1pm Shannon & The Merger
2pm Good Ship Gibraltar
3pm Nameless in August
4pm Different Places in SPACE
5pm Decaffeinated Grapefruit
6pm For Dizzier Heights
7pm Spacefish
8pm The Wire Riots
9pm Wolves in Sheeps Clothing
10pm The Show
11pm Ye Olde Royal Shithouse Players
12am Rat Tits

11am J. Trafford
12pm Jeremy Caywood / Clay McLeod
1pm Swampwalk / The Anonymous Chronicles
2pm we speak in colors/ Katie Dee & The Quaking Aspens
3pm Bill Jasper Acoustics / Willis Tree
4pm Bryan McQuaid / Brett Staggs
5pm Flot Boi
6pm Aaron Jaye / Nick M.
7pm Jesse Prentiss / Corey James
8pm Angela Cash / Van Blue
9pm  H&T / Epik Moss
10pm Pyro / Edon Jacobs

6pm Native Alloys
7pm The Mutiny
8pm The Me Toos
9pm Orange Mammoth
10pm Egomyth
11pm Pro Wrestler

PENN BREWERY – Patio – 800 Vinial St. (Outside – All Ages)
8pm Thirty Years Later
9pm Naked Spirit
10pm TeraChain Sky
11pm KatieHate

PENN BREWERY – Courtyard – 800 Vinial St. (Outside – All Ages)
2pm Bobby V
3pm Walker & the Rebellion
4pm Dan Bubien
5pm The Mike Medved Band
6pm Cory Eaux

3pm Hedonism Bots
4pm Denzell
5pm The Danzas
7pm The Clock Reads
8pm The Turbosonics
9pm The Filthy Lowdown
10pm World’s Scariest Police Chases
11pm 13 Saints

DOUBLE R CAFE – 709 East St.
6pm Solarburn
7pm Elkhound
8pm Fourth River Revival
9pm There You Are
10pm The Love Letters
11pm Byron Nash & Plan B
12am The Weird Paul Rock Band

VERDETTO’S – 814 Madison Ave.
8pm Three River Revival
9pm Chris Vipond & The Stanley Street Band
10pm Them Labs
11pm Circles & Squares
12am Eastend Mile

SCRATCH FOOD & BEVERAGE – 1720 Lowrie St – Troy Hill (All Ages)
6pm Scott & Rosanna
7pm Andy Van Lewis
8pm Wine & Spirit
9pm Absolution Key
10pm Brash Teeth
11pm Red Room Effect

MAIN STAGE – Middle and Foreland (Outside – All Ages)
Presented by First National Bank
Hosted by Grey Area Productions

2pm Memphis Hill
3pm Bindley Hardware Co
4pm Devin Moses & The Saved
5pm The Red Western
6pm Jimbo & The Soupbones
7pm The Hawkeyes
8pm Meeting of Important People
9pm Gene the Werewolf
10pm Bastard Bearded Irishmen

ARNOLD’S TEA – 502 E. Ohio St. (All Ages)
12pm Ray Lanich Band
1pm The Lo-Fi Project
2pm The Dark Lines
3pm Blithehound
4pm Dan Getkin
5pm Machete Kisumontao
6pm Ishtar Vintage Bellydance Band
7pm Yo Mama’s Samba

JAMES STREET GASTROPUB – BALLROOM – 422 Foreland St. (the red door on side of building)
Presented by Ziggy Sawdust Productions

2pm The Full Counts
3pm Working Breed
4pm Flock of Walri
5pm Essential Machine
6pm The Nox Boys
7pm Lofi Delphi
8pm The Garment District
9pm Misaligned Mind
10pm Grand Piano
11pm 28 North

ALLEGHENY ELKS LODGE #339 – 400 Cedar Avenue
Presented by Green Mountain Energy

7pm André Costello and the Cool Minors
8pm Wreck Loose
9pm The Commonheart
10pm Chrome Moses
11pm Bad Custer

THE PARK HOUSE – 403 E. Ohio
6pm Grant Street Grifters
11:30pm Chillent

PENN BREWERY – Restaurant – 800 Vinial St. (All Ages)
2pm The Hipsters
3pm The Shiners
4pm Whiskey River Panhandlers
5pm Music From Another Room
6pm Suisideburns
7pm Charm & Chain
8pm David Dickinson
9pm Transcontinental Boozehounds

HUSZAR – 627 E North Ave.
2pm Bat Zuppel
3pm Murder for Girls
4pm The Redlines
5pm Street Pigeons
6pm Ugly Blondes
8pm Mike Cali
9pm Victory at the Crossroads
10pm Clay McLeod & Pittsburgh Rare
11pm Those Gorgeous Bastards

CARMI – 917 Western Ave (All Ages)
6pm Vox Imago
7pm Lee Robinson
8pm Kyle Greene:Bass Cadet

YMR CLUB – 631 Suismon St.
6pm Mickey & Snake Oil Boys
7pm Brett Staggs
8pm Dirty Charms
9pm SuperMonkey
10pm Honeyriders

ST. MARY’S LYCEUM – 910 Chestnut St.
6pm Turnpike Gardens
7pm St. Dude
8pm Action Camp
9pm The Freshes
10pm The Semi-Supervillians

THE MODERN CAFE – 862 Western Ave.
7pm Hepcat Dilemna
8pm The Shifted Past
9pm Sea Rights
10pm William Forrest
11pm Emerson Jay

Allegheny Center Alliance Church Stage – E. Ohio and Union Ave.
3pm Escape Music Group
4pm CIY / DJ Party
5pm Radical 4 Christ

AIR – Artists Image Resource – 518 Foreland Ave.  (All Ages)
Open House 2pm-8pm
Sidewalk art making.
Indoor print shop demonstrations and activities.
T-shirt printing.
Fashion show and exhibition by high school students from CAPA.
Mobile Sculpture Workshop in action.





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