Delegation of Northsiders and Clergy to Invite Rooneys to Northside United Bus Tour


When:  Thursday, June 11, 2009

10:30 am

Where:   Steelers Headquarters

3400 Water St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

A Delegation of Clergy and Northside residents will visit the Steelers headquarters tomorrow morning to invite the Rooney’s to attend a bus tour of the Northside on Wednesday, June 17 at 10:00 a.m.

The Bus Tour will look at how past development has affected the Northside communities.  Northside United has been trying to get the Steelers’ developer, Continental Real Estate, to meet with the community to discuss how Northshore development will impact residents.

“Past development has devastated the Northside. We’d really like to see a new way of doing business that helps reverse this trend,” said Rev. Shirley Craig, Northside Church of God.  “The right thing for Continental to do is to meet with the community and make sure that the impact of their development is a positive one for Northside residents.”

The delegation hopes that the Rooney’s, who have a long history of community involvement, will participate so that they can understand how their developments will impact their Northside neighbors.  “We want to see development on the Northside, but it has to be development that provides good jobs and tangible improvements for the residents Northside.  We know that development can help reverse the decades long trend of degradation of Northside neighborhoods. But that will only happen if the developers are willing to do the right thing,” Bob Wilson of Spring Hill.

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