Current installations, gallery talks at The Warhol

Warhol, Andy

Photo courtesy of  The Warhol Museum

Daily Gallery Talks
11 a.m. with Donald Warhola, Artist Educators, or Collections or Curatorial Staff
3 p.m. with Artist Educators
When led by the museum’s artist educators, the talks focus on a series or one of Warhol’s works. When led by Donald Warhola, who is one of Warhol’s 10 nieces and nephews, the discussion concentrates on family history and stories about “Uncle Andy.” Talks led by the collections or curatorial staff focus on the museum’s permanent collection that includes film and video works and Time Capsules. All talks run for about 30 minutes and allow open discussion and questions from visitors.

Photographic Silkscreen
Daily – 1 p.m.
Done to demonstrate Andy Warhol’s silkscreen printing, which he used to create some of his most famous artwork, the process is shown from beginning to end by museum artist educators each weekday. The demonstration takes 30 minutes and allows visitors time for questions and to participate in group discussion on how silkscreen printing influenced art in the 1960s.
Good Fridays
Fridays – 5-10 p.m.
Admission price is half-off during this time and a cash bar is set up in the museum, creating a more social experience for visitors.

Ends January 15
Exposures: Adam Milner: Remains
The Exposures series, in its seventh iteration, profiles Adam Milner: Remains. Created specifically for The Warhol, the installation includes fragmented bodies made up of casts, mementos, and debris from everyday life. Blurring boundaries between private and public, Milner unearths his personal life and museum archive collections that creates site-specific works and exposes the desire to understand the beginning and end of a body, who controls it, and how to better sympathize with non-human bodies. His installation is on the 3rd floor new the museum archives collection and Time Capsules.
Ends January 22
Andy Warhol: My Perfect Body
The inclusive first looks into how Warhol engaged with his
body, with works ranging from
student drawings to late paintings from the 1980s. This exhibition
divulges into Warhol’s struggles
with his physical appearance and presents the parallels of his body as a subject in his work and his personal history.

Film Screening: Hedy
Accompanying Andy Warhol: My Perfect Body, “Hedy” is shown daily and was a satirical farce directed by Warhol. The film
depicts the story of Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr, once noted to be the most beautiful woman alive. Celebrity gossip intertwines fact and fiction, portraying the “pain is beauty” mentality that sheds light onto the darker side of fame.
The 66 minute film runs daily
at the museum and features
Mario Montez as Hedy, along
with Arnold Rockwood, Jack
Smith, Ingrid Superstar, Mary Woronov, Harvey Tavel, Ronald Tavel, Randy Bourscheidt, Roderick Clayton, James Fox Claire, and David Myers.


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