Brighton Heights

Top Pro’s Construction to Ryan Leber and Marissa Hess at 3916 California Ave. for $240,000.

East Deutschtown

PinRE Holdings L.P. to Mohammed Ettadouni at 835 Peralta St. for $38,000.


Jennifer Caul to Amber Dean at 1207 Dickson St. for $6,680.
Richard Macik to Jorge Batista at 1396 Hodgkiss St. for $35,000.
Michelle Silay to Julia McMahon at 1267 Superior Ave. for $138,500.

Perry Hilltop

Rachel Norton to Fifth Avenue Capital Group LLC at 2419 Osgood St. for $95,000.
Robert Roman to Alecia Rokes at 2836 Perrysville Ave. for $97,000.

Spring Garden

Dan Essig to Kayvin Robertson at 916 Vista St. for $199,900.

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