Construction on Jacksonia town homes to begin soon


Above: David Shlapak calls vacant lots in the Central Northside "missing teeth." This one will be filled by one of six town homes. (Photo by Kelsey Shea).

The Central Northside Neighborhood Council and October Development can begin construction on six new townhouses on Jacksonia Street once the city approves the final building plans.

The townhouses will be built on the 100 block of Jacksonia Street and are expected to “revitalize the block and catalyze further renovation and redevelopment in the vicinity,” said David Shlapak, the development committee chair of the Central Northside Neighborhood Council.  

Filling the vacant lots throughout the neighborhood has been an ongoing goal for the CNNC. 

“These ‘missing teeth’ spoil the integrity of the street and damage the value and attractiveness of the houses that remain,” Shlapak explained.

 “Turning these eyesores into new homes brings us that much closer to achieving the CNNC’s vision of filling every empty lot and vacant building in the neighborhood by the end of 2015.”

They are the first phase in a series of the revitalization or construction of 50 houses in the Central Northside.

Being built by October Development, the houses are expected to be completed sometime next summer, depending on when ground is broken and the working conditions that come with this winter’s weather. 

While the houses haven’t been sold yet, Shlapak doesn’t think there will be any problem selling them. 

“Each phase of the Federal Hill project sold out quickly, and right now there is more demand than supply for housing in Allegheny City Central. It’s a good time to be building these.”

The prices are expected to start in the mid $200,000 range. Buyers will be given the option for how they would like to finish their two or three-bedroom home, and their choices will ultimately determine the final price.

These vacant properties were acquired with the help from a $75,000 contribution from the Urban Redevelopment Authority. The URA also awarded the CNNC with an additional $200,000 grant. 


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