Columbus Square update


Above: Phase 1 of Columbus square was completed last year.

Moving into 2013, the Manchester housing development project Columbus Square is maintaining its momentum.

The Columbus Square project involves the conversion of the salvaged, four-acre American Electric site on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Sedgwick Street in upper Manchester into a single-family housing development of 31 brand new units.

The project is being done through the partnership of Fourth River Development and Manchester Citizens Corp. It was funded by the state, PNC bank, the Northside Community Development Fund and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

“These new homes have boosted the local economy by creating jobs in the community and are providing an increased tax base while adding to the urban infill housing inventory,” said Sally Flinn of Fourth River Development.

The total cost of the project will be between $14 and $15 million, according to Jerome Jackson, former executive director of the Manchester Citizens Corporation.

Phase one of the project was completed last January and four out of the five completed homes are sold, the fifth being the current model home.

Last fall, construction on Phase 2, which includes another four homes, began. One home is already sold, and one will be used for the new model home so the current model home can be sold.

The two remaining homes are priced at at $214,000 and $208,000 and will be available this spring.

“Based on the ongoing sales momentum and continued success, we hope to start Phase 3 later this year,” said Flinn.

For more information on pricing and the features of the homes, go to

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