Clouds in the park


dsc_4260Friday morning, workers at The Children’s Museum tested a new art exhibit that filled what will soon be the Buhl Community Park at Allegheny Square with fluffy white clouds.

“Cloud Arbor,” an art installation by Ned Kahn, is a series of 32-foot-tall poles that creates a cloud 9 feet above the ground. Though not all the poles were up today, the test runs certainly gave those in attendance an idea of what to expect from the full installation.

Each of the steel poles releases a a cool, fine mist that simulates a cloud hovering close to the ground and moving with the wind.

The piece was funded by The Charity Randall Foundation and will operate year round.

Buhl Community Park at Allegheny Square will be a revitalized community space on the Northside once it’s completed this summer. The park being redone by the Children’s Museum and the Charm Bracelet Project.

In addition to “Cloud Arbor,” the park will feature solar lamps, a rain garden, blue stone benches and other amenities.

“I think throughout the park, you’re going to find little details that will really make you smile,” said Bill Schlageter of the Children’s Museum.

The park is scheduled to open to the public on June 23 with a dedication, activities, circus performers and free admission to The Children’s Museum all day.

Photos by Kelsey Shea


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