Walk/Ride Northside (WRNS) hosted a District 1 City Council candidate forum on Tuesday, April 2 at Penn Brewery in the Northside to discuss transportation issues.

By Ashlee Green

Tuesday evening’s forum at Penn Brewery focused on transportation issues in the Northside. City Council District 1 hopefuls Mark Brentley, Sr., and Bobby Wilson attended the event and Nick Ross, chairperson for Walk/Ride Northside, was the master of ceremonies. Ross posed a series of questions for the candidates, including ones about trail maintenance and accessibility efforts, obstructions to bike lanes, and increasing bike friendly businesses in the Northside.

About 20 people showed up to the District 1 City Council forum at Penn Brewery on April 2. Mark Brentley, Sr. and Bobby Wilson attended the event. Photo by Ashlee Green

Jesse Descutner, main street assistant at the Northside Leadership Conference, co-organized the event. He said that despite the admitted lack of cycling experience between both candidates who appeared at the forum, he thought it was a success.

Nick Ross, chairperson for Walk/Ride Northside, poses questions to the candidates about bicyclist and pedestrian safety in the Northside. Photo by Ashlee Green

Approximately 20 people attended the event. In an email, Descutner said he “believes[s] the attendees were thankful that the candidates seemed genuinely interested in championing their interests in City Council.”

“…People are frustrated with the historically persistent disregard the City has had for Northside bike and pedestrian progress,” Descutner said, “but hopeful that their voices will soon be heard.”

City Council District 1 hopefuls Mark Brentley, Sr. and Bobby Wilson attended the forum. Neither one of the candidates have cycling experience, but both said they would be cyclist and pedestrian advocates. Photo by Ashlee Green

WRNS is the all-volunteer bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group of the Northside Leadership Conference. They meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the basement of Penn Brewery. To be notified of upcoming meetings or to join the group, email walkride@pittsburghnorthside.com and you will be added to the mailing list. For more information, click here.

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