North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce Membership Director Anna Yoder says Siempre Algo is “simply wonderful!”

By Anna Yoder, Membership Director – North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce

Photo: Siempre Algo

My husband and I are always chatting up the Northside: How cool it is to live here, how friendly and engaging Northsiders are, how charming the architecture is, how much there is to do here, and how many wonderful places there are to eat and drink. One of the many Northside gems we tout is Siempre Algo, a warm and inviting restaurant where superb hospitality is at the forefront of their vision. 

We visited Siempre Algo for dinner and drinks a few times in 2019. Then, enter, stage right: the 2020 pandemic. This put a damper on everything. However, on a recent warm spring evening, out-of-town friends wanted to get together, and we naturally suggested meeting in the Northside. Armed with our full COVID-19 vaccinations, we had our eyes set on having an elegant cocktail “out” with our friends and no longer at home. 

We made reservations for drinks only at Siempre Algo. The reservation came back with a “table” not “bar” seating reservation. To avoid occupying precious table seating during the COVID-19 limited capacity restrictions, I reached out to Siempre Algo via Facebook Messenger to request bar seating for four. Herein lies their commitment to superb service and hospitality: Not only was my request met with a very prompt response, but it was also followed up by a phone call to accommodate our request and ensure that we were aware and comfortable with the four-person, only bar seating arrangement. Upon our arrival, the bartendress (dare I say mixologist!) welcomed us with a pour of Prosecco to whet our palates while we perused the cocktail menu. Then, we treated ourselves to the most delectable, hand-crafted cocktails we have had in a long time.

My favorite was the Green Machine: a delightful blend of Boyd & Blair vodka, cucumber, grapefruit, fennel, mint, lime, and hopped grapefruit bitters. Our friends enjoyed the Carrot Top, made with Fords Gin, Bonal, carrot syrup, lemon, tarragon, and black pepper; and the Blood Orange Old-Fashioned made with Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, blood orange vanilla syrup, Angostura bitters, and Burlesque bitters. My husband ordered an old-timey, very dirty martini—which he thought was excellently prepared and took him back to the heyday of the Rat Pack!

If you have never had a handcrafted cocktail at Siempre Algo, consider treating yourself and make a reservation soon. Enjoy a most wonderful dinner there, too! There is “always something” new to explore at Siempre Algo! 

P.S. Our friends loved Siempre Algo so much, they are bringing their friends from New York when they visit. (I surely will be tagging along.) 

Siempre Algo is located at 414 East Ohio Street. Reservations are highly recommended. 

Anna Yoder is the Membership Director of the North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber, according to its Facebook page, is a “service organization that creates, develops, and fosters a supportive climate that serves the business interests of its members.” If you have questions about the Chamber or are interested in becoming a member, contact Executive Director Gina Grone at

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