North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce Membership Director Anna Yoder says ‘SHINE puts the sparkle back in your car!’

By Anna Yoder, Membership Director – North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce

Photo: Shamon Tate Walker, owner of SHINE, by Anna Yoder

Sitting on a cold concrete curb in a church parking lot on a sunny weekday in late March 2021, I met Shamon Tate Walker, the owner of SHINE—a luxury car detailing business—during a chat about a possible membership in the North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce. When I think back, I believe it may have been Shamon’s sunny disposition that made me feel like the sun was shining. While properly social distanced, we took off our masks which revealed Shamon’s broad and warm smile as he proclaimed that grace—what he described as the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings—is the foundation for SHINE and the summary of his life story.

Shamon easily tells his story: He was adopted by a kind woman in Manchester and is proud to be from the Northside. He felt blessed to be able to attend Milton Hershey High School where he excelled at football and lacrosse. His journey continued to Westminster College where he graduated as a marketing major. After college, through the Pittsburgh Fellows Program in Sewickley, Shamon received a marketing internship at Henne Jewelers in March 2020. We all know what happened that month; As a result, the internship was halted, yet Shamon’s persistence and ambition (the same determination he had shown on the playing field) combined with what he says was the power of God’s grace, led him in the direction of SHINE.

SHINE is a one-man luxury detailing service for your vehicle. It’s all out of a church parking lot with a simple black and white checkered patterned tent used for protection from the elements. (Shamon explained that the tent symbolized “an encouraging vision that we’re champions in Christ” and signified unity among all people.) I had to see it for myself and scheduled an appointment. I dropped my car off with Shamon and about four hours later, I thought someone had switched my salt-laden mess of a car with one straight out of a dealer’s showroom! The washed-out red paint was transformed back to its original shiny candy apple red, and the car was spotless inside and out. 

As a child of the 70s, I am still getting used to (and rarely use) social media. However, because I was so impressed by what this young man with limited resources did to my car, I mustered up the gumption to post my extreme satisfaction with the detailing provided by SHINE on Facebook. Following that post, I know of several other individuals who made appointments and also drove away as very satisfied customers. 

If you want to put the sparkle back into your vehicle, schedule an appointment with SHINE soon. It is truly a blessing that we have SHINE as a Northside business!To make an appointment with SHINE contact Shamon Tate Walker at 412-513-7833 or All vehicles are welcome.

Anna Yoder is the Membership Director of the North Side/Shore Chamber of Commerce. Established in 1897, the Chamber’s mission is to “promote, connect and support the growth and success of businesses.” If you have questions about the Chamber or are interested in becoming a member, contact Anna Yoder at

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