Central Northsiders pass rebranding initiative


Monday night, Central Northside residents voted to approve a new initiative that will change the name and they hope the reputation of their neighborhood.

Of the 129 residents present at Allegheny Traditional Academy for the meeting, 99 voted to pass the new branding effort that would remarket the Central Northside as Allegheny City Central.  

“I think I can safely speak for the branding committee and the CNNC leadership when I say that the lopsided vote in favor was both gratifying and uplifting,” Greg Spicer, one of the Central Northside Neighborhood Council members leading the branding initiative.. “It is a great vote of confidence in our organization and in our community.”

The branding plan, developed in collaboration with North Star, a firm that specializes in community brands and the marketing firm Karen Bryant and Associates, includes a new logo, slogan, website and neighborhood name that could be promoted using billboards, bumper stickers, advertisements and street pole signs.

The committee decided on the name Allegheny City Central to unify the micro neighborhoods within the Central Northside and the rebuff the imposition of the North Shore name on prime real estate in the Central Northside.

The CNNC hopes that remarketing the neighborhood as Allegheny City Central to dispel negative connotations with the name Central Northside and highlight the neighborhoods positives aspects – location and historical relevance.

Spicer said he was particularly pleased about the number of new, young faces at the meeting who had recently joined CNNC.

The branding initiative was researched for several years before it was finalized, and Spicer said that same meticulous process will persist through the next stages of the project.

“Over the past several years, those of us active in the CNNC have been most proud of the deliberative, open and data-driven processes that we’ve put into place,” he said. “We’ve passed an important milestone in a process that began three years ago but we have much work to do to tell the world about what a great community we have and what great opportunities there are here for individuals, businesses and families of all kinds.”

In developing a plan to launch the new brand, Spicer said the CNNC will be consulting local business, experts in marketing and community development, cultural institutions, developers and members of the Central Northside Community.   

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